Help Ohio celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Suffrage

Share your County women’s achievements or unite with us as we began the journey of saluting the past; honoring the present and championing the future. The journey will take us on that road from 2018 until the 2020 election.

Send your stories of the political accomplishments of women in your County by email/sending your stories to:​

Mary Anne Christie mchristie@ohiogop.org
Snail mail: 5538 E. Galbraith rd. #28, Cincinnati, OH 45236

Ohio Republican Party Women’s Suffrage Committee
Jo Ann Davidson, Chair; Mary Anne Christie, ORP Vice-Chair; Ann Becker; Lynda Bowers; Sarah Brown; Sheila Cochran; Billie Fiore Zimmers; Sally Florkiewicz; Angie King; Janet Kushlan; Christy Lewis Comerford; Bryn Stepp; Dee Talmage;
Jill Thompson; Debbie Walsh; Tracey Winbush